Enjoy a Seamless Parking Experience

Still wasting your time to find a parking space? With GoParkly mobile app you can find, reserve, and pay for your parking space without any hassle. All from the comfort of your mobile phone.

Monitor Your Parking Lot

You do not know if you are utilizing your parking lot in an efficient manner? With GoParkly Dashboard you can get critical parking data in real-time.

How It Works

Powered by a powerful AI engine and cloud architecture, GoParkly is a smart city solution that benefits both city drivers and parking operators.

Why Download GoParkly?

Save Time

Save the time and stress wasted on searching for your parking spot.

Save Fuel

Save wasted fuel while searching for your parking space.

Find Parking Space

Don't be late for your meetings due to the time wasted in searching for a parking space.

Safe Hands

Avoid the hassle of giving your keys to a stranger to park your car for you in a busy parking lot.

Easy Payment

Pay from the comfort of the app, no need for cash.

Zero Conflicts

Avoid getting into quarrels with fellow drivers over a parking spot.

01 FIND A Parking Space

02 RESERVE Your Spot

03 PAY Your Parking Fees

Search By Location

You can search for an available nearby parking space based on your location

Search By Destination

You can search for an available parking space based on the destination you are going to

Reserve A Space

You can reserve your parking space before even reaching the parking lot

Pay Your Parking Fee

You can pay your parking fee directly from your mobile phones

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Mobile Application FAQs

How do I know that a parking lot has an available space?
Can I search for an available space before I reach my destination?
When should I make the payment?
How far in advance can I book parking online?
How do I enter and exit the car park?
Do I get allocated a specific parking space?
What payment methods are accepted?